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Vulcain gas detection systems are designed for use in a diverse range of commercial applications, from refrigerant systems and mechanical rooms to parking structures and office complexes. Each of these applications has its own set of requirements, both legal and practical, and Vulcain is committed to working closely with its clients to ensure all of these needs are met. In order to simplify purchasing and installation for our customers, Vulcain offers complete product packages for use in common gas monitoring situations.

Some of the more common air quality hazards include:

- Refrigerants in mechanical rooms
- CO and NO2 in indoor parking garages
- CH4 in boiler rooms
- Freon in grocery stores
- CO2 for demand control ventilation

- Flammable gases
- CO, CH4, O2 and H2S in waste water treatment plants
- CO in aerospace, automotive industries
- Cl2 in pools
- Propane in ice arenas and parking garages

Model VA201T
Toxic & Combustible Gas Transmitter


Vulcain Inc., a world leader in gas detection for over three decades, has designed the VA201T series to meet or exceed safety requirements in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. These transmitters can work in a network mode with our VA201C or VA301C controller through their RS-485 link, or can be used in a stand-alone configuration offering 4-20mA and alarm relay outputs.

Gases detected: CO, NO2, Combustibles, O2, H2S, Cl2, SO2, ETO, HCl, NO, HCN


  • 10-step LED display
  • Backlit LCD display available
  • Modbus communication
  • 4-20mA ouput
  • 1 DPDT relay
  • 65dBA audile alarm
  • Full compatibility with VA201C and VA301C controllers

Click Here For VA201T Data Sheet

Model VA301C
Gas Detection Controller


Acting as the nerve center of a modular gas detection network, the VA301C provides continuous monitoring of up to 96 inputs/outputs, on 3 distinct channels, at distances of up to 2000 feet.

Once installed, this highly customizable and powerful tool provides around the clock protection identifying hazards and triggering appropriate reactive measures such as ventilation activation.

The Modbus output can be converted to a BACnet output providing flexibility and plug & play like installation.

  • Backlit LCD display (122 x 32 dot matrix)
  • 65dbA audible alarm
  • 4 DPDT programmable relays
  • Up to 96 transmitters/relay modules (VA301R)
  • Up to 126 zoning groups
  • 768 programmable events
  • Straight forward, user-friendly field modifications
  • Datalogging (128Mb SDcard)
  • BACnet/Ethernet available (VA301BDCM)
  • BACnet/IP available
  • Industrial grade housing available (VA301CDS)
  • Click Here For VA301C Data Sheet